Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Flames Game Day

Flames v. Devils, 530PM MST, TSN. Both teams are coming off of a road loss last night (Devils lost to Detroit, 5-2). Even if the Flames lose tonight, this will still be their most successful multigame roadtrip of the year: they're 2-1-1 so far (previous roadies were 1-3-0 and 1-3-1).

Subplot watch: we may get a preview of the goaltending matchup for a very big game in February. The Devils played Clemmensen last night, saving Brodeur for tonight: yesterday, I would have guessed Flip would be in for the Flames, but Kipper was so damn good last night, I don't know it Sutter can sit him down tonight. (Sidebar: I wrote about this at the time on my other blog, but the previous Olympics and the Flames '04 playoff run totally ruined me for the '04 World Cup. When Canada scored a weak goal on Finland in the final, my first reaction was to feel bad for Kiprusoff.)

I expect the Flames' play tonight to be a little more, uh, controlled than last night. Jarome is welcome, nay, encouraged! to cut out the Jason Wiemer impersonation. I'd also suggest to Mr. Phaneuf (and Mr. Hamrlik) that he settle down a little, and to Mr. Reinprecht that he move his legs while he's deciding what he wants to do with the puck. We don't need to be giving the NHL's 8th-leading scorer, one Mr. Brian Gionta (huh?), any gratuitous chances.

I'll pick Calgary to keep the puck out of their own net for a 2nd straight night, for a two-nil win. I have no idea if or how Miller and McGuire will use it as evidence for the superiority of the New NHL. Go Flames.

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