Saturday, December 03, 2005


Flames Game Day

Matt here, posting live from the heart of Flames country (that's Calgary, for those of you who have problems with the obvious).

At 5PM MST, the Flames take on the Pittsburgh Penguins. It's the early HNIC game in Alberta and Nova Scotia, I believe; everyone else gets Leafs-Sharks. Crosby's gone through quite a few coiffures for such a young guy, wouldn't you say? Also, he hasn't scored a point in 3 games; he's pretty sure it's the longest stretch of futility in his career, i.e. since the 1st time he held a Sherwood. Mario is also in a lengthy slump.

Tonight's not the night, though, Pens. The Flames tend to kill teams that are poor fundamentally. I'll predict 5+ Calgary goals against 2 Pitt goals. Go Flames.


How did he score so many goals and yet never, even once, sport hockey hair?

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