Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Finally, the Oilers make a move!

The Oilers have finally made a move to shore up their . . . suffering career minor leaguer centre depth. . . what the . . .

We gave up "future considerations" to St. Louis for Blake Evans, so that he could presumably fill someone else's AHL roster.

I'm not sure whether or not I want to discover that this has something to do with Lalime or Weight or anyone else on that hapless team.


Blake might add soem much-needed scoring touch to the oilers. God knows they need it. Bunch of under-achieving european pantywaists.

Are you talking about the same Oilers that have 19 more goals than the Flames and are tied for 5th in the West in scoring?

What exactly is a pantywaist - is it like the elastic band at the top? Is that an insult?

This might answer the pantywaist question.

Um yeah. It's an insult.

nice work cleave

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