Thursday, December 01, 2005


Cup Photos

Via Mirtle via the Hockey Page via Poynteronline there are some terrific photos here of the mug on its rounds last year.

There are a lot of fantastic things about the Stanley Cup, but whoever came up with the idea of giving it to each player for a day was a genius. So many great stories - guys who organize road hockey tournaments for their neighbourhood kids, guys who take it to church, etc.

I love it.


Agreed, giving the players the Cup for a day is possibly the best thing the NHL has ever done.

And this summer, giving it to a bunch of the oldtimers who never got the chance to have a day with it back when they won it was an excellent idea as well.

Those are some fanstastic photos too, I wish I knew how to save them.

You do mean it was the best thing the Edmonton Oilers have ever done, no? The Cup-for-a-day thing was an innovation of the Boys on the Bus, one that the league first acquiesced in and then embraced (along with the baroque security arrangements designed to prevent damage to, or theft of, the grail). I was a little surprised Sacamano didn't mention it.

Truth be told I didn't realize it was an Oilers innovation. It doesn't suprise me though.

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