Thursday, December 08, 2005


Beat the Pro

Journal hack/Hockey Hall of Famer! Jim Matheson has his guesses for the Canadian Olympic hockey roster printed today. I might as well lay them out there against mine: we'll find out who's smarter, luckier, whatever in a couple of weeks.

Forwards (differences):
Matheson has: Mario, St. Louis, Spezza
Matt has: Crosby, Nash, Shanahan

Defensemen (differences):
Matheson has: Dan Boyle
Matt has: Adam Foote

Goaltenders (differences):
Matheson has: Marty Turco
Matt has: Curtis Joseph

Notables not on Matt's or Matheson's list: Bertuzzi, Staal, McCabe

I'll admit immediately that he sounds right about Turco. On D, I still think if Foote is healthy, he's in. And I definitely stick by my guesses on the forwards. We'll see on December 21st.


One of my favourite Matheson moments was in the 1998 Olympics, when the Journal had a huge feature on the return of pros to the Olympic game. One of the features was about the shootout, with Matty picking who he would take if it came down to it. In one of the happiest coincidences ever, he put on Ray Bourque and left off Wayne Gretzky. I'm fairly certain it was just a bit of know-it-all punditry--"Of course you'd all pick Gretzky, but I clearly know vast amounts more than you, like the fact Gretzky is bad on breakaways and Raymond Bourque has one of the most accurate shots in the league"--under the guise of his bizarre prediction never actually coming true. Then it did. And man, was it ever a wrong prediction.

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