Monday, December 19, 2005


Battle of Alberta - Game Day Thread

Season Record: 18-11-4 Season Record: 19-9-4

Prediction: 3-2 Oilers (Smyth, Pisani, Peca)


TSN reports that Mayor Quimby gets the nod in net. If this is true I'm suprised as hell.

I'm off to get refreshed, "Covered in Oil"-style. FLAMEZZZZZZZ!!!!!

It's Captain Chowdah all right. This could be great, or horrible. I don't see the Flames getting more than about 22 shots, so all we need to win this is a goddamn average performance.

2. Not the faintest frickin' clue what to do with their goaltenders.

Well it seems that they have a plan now. Unfortunately, it appears to be stolen from Major League Baseball. As near as I can tell, the plan is to use your starter until he gets knocked around and then go to the bullpen. Complete games are apparently a rarity.

I'm fine with it if it works, but I have a feeling it's not going to be quite as easy to rally against Redbeard the Ass Pirate as it was against Maxime Ouellet.

You know what I hate most about this? After about 30 minutes Calgary has 11 shots--so far my prediction is spot on. What a crock.

No doubt about it, if this team had a goalie we would be really, really good.

That depresses me.

The smart money is still on Ethan Moreau finding a way to tie this up. He always does.

No doubt about it, if this team had a goalie we would be really, really good.

I think we've got a goalie. The only one who's looked anything like an NHL calibre starter over a length of time and who doesn't suck at the moment is Markannen. Morrison isn't going to be another Kiprusoff. I don't know what exactly the coaches are looking for, but Jussi can be relied on to provide league average goaltending. Accept it and quit trying to find a magic cure-all.

Now I'd like to win this game in regulation.

Is it greedy to want the Oilers to win one without having to come back from two goals down? They've done this four times in three games now.

Yeah, it's probably greedy. That was pretty awesome.

Final Calgary shot total: 21 (goddammit). when was the last time Edmonton defeated Calgary in regulation time. Let me think back into the distant past of five minutes ago.

Two goals from Ullie! Ulinov is the first star of the game ....words can not convey my amusement. If anyone had told you the game story was going to be Igor Ulinov solves Kippersoff who would believe that?

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