Thursday, December 08, 2005


After 40

Sorry for not getting the Oilers gameday thread up.

The boys are looking great. I love seeing Ethan rewarded.

Man I hope this doesn't jinx them for the third . . .


It's been scientifically proven! Morrisson = win. Let's keep playing this guy.

I'm going to have to agree 5-1, Morrison is starting to look like the real deal. I saw keep giving him the nod for a while and see how it goes.

Any news on a nickname? I realize "Mo" is probably the absolutely unavoidable end of this thing, but I'm still holding out some hope. Mayflow-ah?

Sadly, it is "Mo." Sigh.

It's got to be chowdaw

I still like "Mayor Quimby" the best. I'll buy a case of beer for anyone who can record Morrison saying, "Dalai Lama Expressway".

What about M & M? or eminem (shut up boy, do you wanna get sued?)

He does look a little gangsta in his post-game interviews, and whats more, the "man" is always seeming to bring him down, down to the minors I mean, and not even the good minors (AHL), but the freakin' East Coast League. Yah, that guy "only has one shot, and I hope he does not miss chance to role, as opportunity goes, once in a lifetime!"

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