Sunday, November 13, 2005


Yeeeeaaaahhh! Booooooooo!

Eskies win, Oilers lose. Normally that's a push, but tonight it is most definitely a win.

There is nothing more gratifying than to see Jason Maas get rewarded. Seriously, has there been a better story in sports this year than him?

Here's a guy who has been forced to play second banana his whole career, despite delivering the goods every single time he gets the call. It's inexplicable.

Read this summary of Maas's career in Wikipedia - it's like a Greek Tragedy.

And yet, he has been nothing but gracious and supportive of the guys playing in front of him. Unbelievable.

As much as I am happy that the Eskimos won, I am infinitely happier that it was Maas who made it happen.

Matt-Update: I don't love the Stamps so much as I detest the Green & Gold, so I've felt worse about a loss. (And I can't argue with sacamano's Maas take). Four (six? nine?) fumbles is simply awful, and indicative of "not paying enough G.D. attention to the task at hand"--it seemed to be that mentality in the second half, as much as the actual fumbles, that cost the Stamps the game.

That said, the difference between the Stampeder organization of 12 months ago and the one today is just astounding (and makes Ottawa's hiring of John Jenkins as their new coach all the more certifiably insane). Things are good in Stamp land, and better yet, they'll continue to improve.


Having said that, it sure is nice to see Calgary lose - and lose in such a spectacularly pathetic way.

Could this be the end of Ricky Ray? No one around the Eskimos would likely discuss an arm injury, for obvious reasons, but a guy who was the best deep thrower in the league in 2003 can't get the ball downfield with good velocity now. He may be nicked, and if Maas plays well next week and maybe beyond, I wonder if Ricky won't be put on the Ti-Cat express come the off season.

"...Things are good in Stamp land, and better yet, they'll continue to improve."

I have to say I'm touched by this. Matt's been waiting, what, three decades for the Stamps to take over from the Esks as the league's dominant franchise? But he still retains the indefatigable innocence of a newborn. I can't imagine what kind of deep humane qualities that must require--but, of course, I'll never have to. Horsemeat in fumble sauce, everybody! Get it while it's fresh!

...No, don't drop the tray, idiot! OK, who invited Joffrey Reynolds?

Cosh, the only response I can think of to your comment comes from that Klosterman Page 2 bit:

"...I already understood sports when I was 8. I need those old laws to remain in place because -- intellectually and emotionally -- these principles are static."

What can I tell you? I turned 8 in 1981, when the Esks were working on their 4th straight Grey Cup. If it sounds like I'm not arguing with you, well then, I've made myself sufficiently clear.

There were 3 reasons that the Esks won this game. First was that Jason Maas came in and played Eskimo football. Since acquiring Troy Davis, Ricky Ray has tended to go with more run than pass. That is not what makes the Eskimos successful. Maas threw the ball and did a good job of it. The Eskimos were great all year long when they threw the ball 55 times and ran 6. Teams knew the throw was coming but still couldn't stop it. Second reason is that Jason Maas always wins in Calgary. From the first game he ever played in the CFL on, he has success there. Third was that the Stamps believed they just needed to show up in the second half and win. They smoked the Esks in the last game of the season and had a good lead at half time. They plain forgot to show up for the entire 60 minutes and had already started looking forward to the BC game. Typical Tom Higgins approach to coaching. See Esks last year if you doubt that. Good job Jason and co. and on to BC Place.

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