Sunday, November 20, 2005



An all-too-irregular feature here at the Battle of Alberta is our check-in at the TSN Message boards, to take the pulse of the hockey nation. And as you may recall, half the joke is in relaying only the first few words, and assuming it captures the spirit of the thing.

So! Here's some of the first ten takes on today's Vancouver-Anaheim game, where I gather the refs were having a very, very bad day:
I didn't see the game, and it should be remembered that, no matter what the rules are, some game has got to be the most poorly officiated of the year. But that ain't good.


Matt, those people must have included Tom Benjamin. I'm HTML inept, so no link, but a trip to the Corner suggests those TSN ranters aren't alone.

As an unbiased observer (Oiler fan in Vancouver, who only gets Sporsnet Pacific), this was WITHOUT A DOUBT, the most poorly reffed professional game I have ever seen.

There would be a crazy phantom penalty, and then just when you thought you'd seen it all, an even worse penalty would be called.

The official game thread on the forum reflects the same opinion.

The fans commenting in the thread were complaining about the refs calling a penalty shot for their own team (Linden).

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