Monday, November 21, 2005


What have you got to lose, Gretzky?

Just me, or is it pretty incredible that the three main young players now considered to be on the bubble for selection to the Canadian Olympic hockey team are Crosby, Staal, & Nash?

Do you think headline writers are pressuring their papers' columnists to make this happen? Would Eric Staal add an S to his last name to make the puns slightly less tortured?

And if Quinn put them all on one line, what would we call it? The Woodstock line? Canadian Dream?

Reader submissions are urgently requested. All aboard the train!


I desperately want this to happen.

It's a shame Scott Young is American (and like 43 years old).

How about using a name from one of their albums?

-The "CSN" line.

-The "Replay" line.

-The "Live It Up" line.

or, my favorite...

-The "Box Set" line.

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