Tuesday, November 22, 2005


That's what I've been fookin saying

Pleasure Motors is on a roll:
Mike Peca quite literally can't put the puck into an empty net. I'm not sure if you saw highlights, but fook, he could have been shooting on a midget guarding the end boards and he would have found a way to miss last night.

Is it ironic, inappropriate, or neither that my favourite hockey weblog is one devoted to the Edmonton Oilers? There's several I like a lot, but I just don't think you can beat Chris!, mike w, and Pleasure Motors.

In case it is inappropriate, I won't use any more superlatives. But it's hard not to like them when they keep agreeing with me...


Aw, shucks, you're far too kind.

You know what the worst part of it was? As my Oilers soul died a little every time Peca rung one off the glass or a defenceman or the invisible wall that pops up whenever he unleashes a shot, my pool side kept praying he wouldn't find his touch, since I have Nabokov. If Peca could score, I'd be losing to Mike W right now.

I also hope he shuts out the Flames.

He was amazing in the faceoff circle though. 15 out of his 16 attempts went to the Oil.

You're not exactly rocking the boat with Oilers fans in questioning the Peca acquisition, so keep your hockey pants on, Mr. Matt.

And I stand by by appraisal of the Flames, though. The goals will dry up and the team will wither and die!

Also, as I've argued here before, you are a total closet case for the Oilers. I swear to God, watching you pretend to hate them is like seeing Paul Lynde crack wise about his "girlfriends" on an old Hollywood Squares.

Not rocking the boat? Dang. Not like back in the heady days of August, when I was questioning whether Peca was even worth two million, while Oiler fans were considerably more enthusiastic (do I hear a Christmas morning reference?).

Really? You're on Peca again? Really?

Matt, with your insight and diplomacy you should run for government. You always knew Peca would be a bust and, using a great Jack Layton-like annoying terrier tactic, kept biting away at a sore spot for Oiler fans. But you've also shown restraint and tact by not also repeatedly reminding them of where Edmonton is in the standings.

With your cunning and Dar's good looks, you two could rule South/Southwestern Alberta.

Peca Sucks

Why should Matt settle for politics? Put him in charge of the Flames--he's the genius who wanted Edmonton to avoid Peca and sign Todd White, who had a couple good weeks until his groin decided it needed a really long vacation, or Bobby Holik, who is currently the most despised man in the state of Georgia since Abe Lincoln was drawing breath.

Hey, what's he implying about Paul Lynde?

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