Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Sportsnet West: you just made the list

This colourful thingy to the left is a map of the Province of Alberta. You'll note, if you didn't know this already, that Lethbridge, my home since 1998, is rather far south.

In the absence of a scale, I'll tell you that Calgary is roughly 180km NNE of Lethbridge, and Edmonton is yet another 300km N. Unless you prefer undivided highways, you have to drive through Calgary to get to Edmonton from here. This is Southern Alberta.

So naturally, with Sportsnet crews covering both the Oilers and Flames games tonight, Lethbridge is being shown the Oilers game.

Except head-to-head games, I don't know that I've ever wanted the Oilers to lose as badly as I do right now. Gooooooo, C-Bus!


I am an Oiler fan stuck in Flames country. I had to watch the 2 inept teams ice the the puck. I would had no issue with seeing the Oiler game as advertised by Sportsnet. At least they could have broadcasted both for digital customers. I liked red arrow pointing at Peca's chicklet lol

as a Lethbridge guy who finally got out of that city, i have to say that I knew wayy more oiler fans down there than Flames fans. of course, being a breezey city, the winds of change flew in whent the flames fluked out and made it to the stanley cup finals, however, now that they are playing to their capabilities this season, I'm sure all of Lethbridge rejoices that they can watch real hockey from Edmonton.

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