Friday, November 11, 2005


Someone should say something...

You don't have to be crappy to be outshot 13-2 in a period by the Columbus Blue Jackets...but it helps! Am I right folks?

I wouldn't have bothered with this snark, but I think sacamano is otherwise occupied, and Covered In Oil seems to have discontinued their Game Review feature.

I didn't watch much of the game - is it a coincidence that Peca, Hemsky, and Dvorak all had the same ice time? If they were playing on the same line, it's worth noting that Wild Card Hemsky had no shots on goal (at least from below crossbar level) and barely registered on the scoresheet.

Also, I'm still liking Ray Ferraro, and Columbus is awful without Rick Nash. The game he played in Calgary on one stem, he looked more dangerous than the rest of their team put together.

The two hottest teams in the Northwest battle in the HNIC late game tomorrow. Back with a preview before the game.


In the Oilers defense they have been on one heck of a long road trip, it didn't surprise me that they came out and were rather flat through the first period and much of the second. I have to give kudos to Markkenan for keeping it tied up that long before they finally found something in the tank in the third period. It didn't hurt of course that Columbus is terrible. However, a terrible team isn't the worse way to be ending a long road trip.

Why would you have to defend the Oilers when they won? Is it better to lose with style? The effort against Nashville was much more even, but they lost. I'll take the win!

Wait... you mean the Oilers won? Wow, Matt didn't mention that part.

And, yes, the Oilers put out a mediocre effort and relied heavily on their Finnish goalie. (Hey, straight from the pages of Winning The Calgary Flames Way!) After what we've been through this year, you can't imagine how gratifying it is to (a) finally watch the Oilers win a game in which they were outworked and (b) have the Juice stand on his head to make it happen.

Yup they won and won ugly. Just putting it out there is Mick Magoo becoming the worst ref in the NHL. Seems he is reffing every game I watch. He getting pretty good at the phantom calls.

Covered in Oil is on the job, we swear! Game review is up (check the link off of BoA's main page), and we apologize for the inconsistency of late. Mike and I have both seen our workloads double at our jobs, and Pleasure Motors is currently visiting Disneyland with his family right now, despite the fact that he's a grown, university-aged man who has had several girlfriends.

And yep, it was a stinky game last night. Not an encouraging showing, but whatevs. I'll take it.

" And, yes, the Oilers put out a mediocre effort and relied heavily on their Finnish goalie. (Hey, straight from the pages of Winning The Calgary Flames Way!)" - Cosh

Zing. I couldn't agree more, its actually kind of nice to see Markkanen getting into the grove and stealing a game or two for us. Earlier in the season we were getting robbed by some other goalies, so its karma and Jussi working things out. I mean if their is something wrong with riding a hot goaltender like post horse, the Flames should have just gracefully bowed out of the first round of the playoffs in 03 as the rest of the team consisted of Iggy and whatever hobbos they could put on the ice with him.

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