Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Reality: dumber than fiction

At least in the coach's office at Commonwealth Stadium! breaking news:
"The Edmonton Eskimos have announced that quarterback Ricky Ray will start on Sunday against the B.C. Lions in the West Division Final."

Control Tower guy: "Captain, maybe we oughta turn on the searchlights now."
Rex Kramer: "No... that's just what they'll be expecting us to do."


Keep jawflapping, smacky. Between you and the entire city of Edmonton, Frito Ray has enough accrued karma to win this final eight hundred to zip.

(Of course, by that standard Joey Harrington is due for a couple Super Bowls. But on the other hand your team already swallowed a big hogleg, so your jibes are like quintuple AirMiles on the luck plane. I don't see Seahawks fans taking the mickey out of Brett Favre.)

I will say I think the value of BC's home field advantage is dubious: I went to a game there in July, and the PA guy had to tell the crowd to get loud on 2nd-and-10, every single time.

But you want more? I think Dickenson picks the Eskimo D apart. He's basically Ricky Ray, but tougher and more accurate.

But then again, weak and inaccurate is 2-1 this year against tough and accurate. And those were games in which the Eskimo kicking was a mess and Maas wasn't yet available off the bench. (You remember Maas, right?--he recently put on a pretty impressive clinic in that "picking apart the defence" thing.)

C'mon, do your job--there are much better reasons to be pessimistic about the Eskimos this weekend.

Well, here's the list (.pdf) that shows DD as more efficient in absolutely every respect (Rating of 118.8; 2nd place is Damon Allen at 102.7; Ray is a ways down the list at 87.7). DD also has the same piece of jewellry as Ray.

And if the backup QB position is worth anything as a predictor, Edmonton's has a much better attitude, but the guy in BC is last year's league MVP.

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