Tuesday, November 08, 2005



Another classic stomach punch loss.


The Oil needs to avoid being tied with one minute left in the game. That's really not working for them (by my count, 1 OTW, 1 OTL, and 2 regulation L's).

Ouch. Those kinds of losses are horrible. I can only think of 7 words to really sum up my feelings on this one:


And yet, they still haven't lost as many games as the pre-season #1 picks.

That was a brutal ending all right, but to be honest I'm still hyped about the textbook PP that led to the Stoll goal. Nashville came up high to challenge him and the Oilers attacked the goalmouth from the flanks on cue, forcing the Preds box to tighten like a Catholic schoolgirl's. It was a picture-perfect rendition of what Sacamano or somebody was recommending here six weeks ago--apparently someone finally laid the URL on Craig Simpson. Nice work, whoever did that.

Plus, can I just say, HEMSKY!??! Look, I know we were all waiting for this guy to make good things happen with the puck, and I know he ended up -2 on the night, but I never foresaw that he'd end up levelling people and getting wacky, creative takeaways. His development has gone in this weird explosive direction--until a month ago he was pretty much the most one-dimensional player in the league, and suddenly he's the ultimate wild card. At this point it would absolutely not surprise me to see him throw down with Brashear, or join the Czech Olympic team as a pentathlete.

Uh, sacamano? I think you need to look at some updated standings.

I prefer the old standings.

Cosh's analysis is dead on regarding the powerplay. As I said a few times, what killed us last year was not the lack of a sniper, but the lack of anyone who could handle the puck under pressure.

In the last 5 games Hemsky has been actively attacking the box and then last night, as Cosh says, they found the free man cutting to the net. It really was nice.

I'll say this for Brewer, he was always terrific at recognizing when the D was cheating to the strong side and slipping down the back to get free for a shot. That is still one part of our game that needs replacing.

Do we need to replace the giveaways he'd produce by vacating his spot on the PP, too? Even when the Oilers PP has been flat from a scoring standpoint this year, we've always been able to control the puck.

Definitely not. In fact, I was thinking more of Brewer's 5 on 5 backdoor movement than his PP time.

Being an Oiler fan this year must be like riding a rollercoaster...On both the Macro (winning/losing streaks) and Micro (last minute gut-wrenchers)levels.

Spot the former basketball player commenting in this thread! No prizes.

Former? I'll still go up against anyone on earth in a game of 21 or horse.

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