Saturday, November 19, 2005


Oilers Game Day

I've been given strict orders to stay away from computers for the next few days.

So, regular Oiler rantings will resume on Monday.

The good news is that I actually get to see the Oil in person tonight. let's hope it is better than the last time.

Thanks again to Matt for holding down the fort


Regardless of the result, I think I speak for everyone when I say, for comedy's sake, I hope you have the same seats as last time.

Oilers go down tonight. Go Flames.

Great post eh?

The neutered Russian was dealt to Florida. See ya Semenov... Go Oilers... Oilers 4 Chicago 2

Too bad the Oilers did not deal that Finn they have in goal. Oh my goodness. We soften them up for you last night and Juicy drops a turd like that one. Oh my.

You have to stop going to games, man. That's two you've been to that have resulted in an Oiler loss. :P

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