Friday, November 04, 2005


Oilers Game Day - St. Louis

Season Record: 7-6-1 Season Record: 2-7-3

Head-to-Head: 0-0-0 Head-to-Head: 0-0-0

Last Game: 4-3(OT) Win vs Detroit
Last Game: 6-5(OT) Loss vs Chicago


This is your classic dangerous game. On paper it looks like the Oil should run away with this one--St. L only has two wins, have lost 6 in a row, have lost 5 home games already, Weight and Overweight aren't playing . . .

On the other side of the ledger, there is often a letdown after beating a top team, the Pronger Homecoming factor, two new d-men, and the first-NHL-game jitters of a brand new goaltender.

I'm expecting the Blues to come out hard, but the Oil to stay the course.

Prediction: 4-2 Oil - Pronger gets his first goal and Syvret gets an assist.

[Edit]: I see that the Oil haven't won in St. L since Feb 13, 1999. Man, looking up these stats for the last few games it would seem like the team hasn't won a road game in years. In any case, they broke the jinx in Dallas and Detroit, I don't see how they won't do it tonight too.

[Edit 2]: Jussi gets the start again, so I'm changing my prediction to 4-1 Oil.


I'll say 3-1 Saint Lou, with the Oil scoring touch of last week returning and Hemsky's Art Ross aspirations taking a hit.

Hoo-Hoo! Nice start.

Just me, or are those 630 CHED ads awful in a surreal kind of way?

"What happened last night? What's happening right now?" reminds me of Phil Hartman's Admiral Stockdale: "Who am I? Why am I here?"

Terrible, no doubt about it.

I'm listening on the radio and the 630 CHED feed is terrible tonight. It doesn't even sound like Rod. If I hadn't heard a few "MONUMENTAL SAVES" I would have sworn it was someone else.

Could the Blues win in the ECHL with that lineup? The Oilers played a 6th/7th d-man (Alexei the sniper), and 2 AHLers, and still pounded them. Nice win and all, but I was a Jets fan, and St. Louis looked like some of those late, unlamented Jets teams of the early 80's. Of course, two weeks ago, they threw up that charming game that Sacamano and I both spent/squandered our money on, so progress is progress.

By the way, I encourage the commemoration of Phil Hartman at all times and in all venues, but the line does actually belong to the real Adm. Stockdale.

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