Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Oilers Game Day - Columbus

Season Record: 5-6-1 Season Record: 4-8-0

Head-to-Head: 0-0-0 Head-to-Head: 0-0-0

Last Game: 5-1 Win vs PredsLast Game: 3-1 Loss vs Minnie


Whew, meetings kept me away from the computer this morning.

Anyway, I'm predicting a 4-1 win for the Oil tonight to get back to a .500 record. It still isn't enough for a playoff spot, but it is psychologically important.

In other news, Jason Bonsignore has apparently ripped the Oilers in an interview on Finnish Television. A real piece of work that guy.


Not long ago I did a big quantitative study of the entry draft (1989-2001), just to get a feel for its structure and for how different teams were performing during that period. The spreadsheet I built had Bonsignore as the seventh-worst draft choice of the era, but he could easily have been third, behind the notorious Alexander Volchkov Jr. and the undisputed champ among busts (Dave Chyzowski).

The AVERAGE #4 pick over that time has played 425 NHL games, and that's including guys like Klesla, Bryan Allen, and Luongo who are just getting warmed up. A more realistic figure would be in the neighbourhood of 700.

Also, I know I said that the Playfair brothers had the most misleading surnames in hockey, but if you know Italian, Bonsignore has to be right up there... "Testa di Merda" would be more like it.

Hey, nice prediction.

I would love to see this spreadsheet.

And in other news, all is right with the world. The Oilers are .500! The Oilers are .500!!

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