Monday, November 28, 2005


Offered without comment calculates the most underpriced and overpriced players in the game.

I promised on Friday that I'd stop talking about (surprise!) the most overpriced player. The biggest surprise to me on the underpriced side is that there's someone who's a better deal than Sidney Crosby at $850k. That assessment will be shortlived, I suspect.


Ouch, even Tkachuk gets a higher rating than Peca? and Keith gets paid 7.6 million? wow, he must get bonus points because they're calculating his price per pound.

Actually, Khabibulin was the one that surprised me, at least based on this year's performance. He's played well in some games, poorly in others: basically done what at least 50 other NHL goalies can do. Based on this year, the difference between The Wall and Curtis Sanford (or Mikka Noronen, Sebastien Caron, whoever) is 6 mil and change.

Did I just see them call a certain Blackhawk "Adler Arnason"? Or did I misread that?

I noticed that too. It's either a typo, or I've been paying even less attention to the Hawks than I thought.

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