Thursday, November 03, 2005


No record for Detroit - HA!

Huge win tonight.

I'm too frugal to get pay-per-view, so I could only rely on Rod 'n' Morley--both of whom made sure to mention what a fantastic game it was just to make me feel like even more of a cheapo.

Rod just mentioned that this was Pronger's best game as an Oiler and that he hasn't "seen an Oiler defenseman since Coffey dominate a game like Pronger did tonight."

There was also an interesting tidbit in the Journal today on Pronger. Apparently after games (while playing poker, etc.) he is always talking about the most recent game and analyzing various plays. Smyth only half jokingly mentioned that Pronger actually talked a little too much.

I'm sure I've asked this before, but has Mac-T always shortened his bench so drastically and so quickly during games, or is he actually exhibiting some adaptability?

It sure seems like the injuries to Horcoff and Smyth was one of the big reasons for the Oil's slump. When those two guys are in the lineup the Oilers have been pretty tough. Of course, Todd Harvey is still undefeated as an Oiler. Maybe he's the key.

Anyone out there actually pay to see the game? Thoughts? Hemsky got on the scoresheet a few times--was he just as good as he had been?


I actually paid a nickel, you cheap bugger. In all seriousness, Pronger played like a real number one guy, and once they lost Bergeron and Cross, he spent most of the last 10 minutes on the ice. Hemsky-Smyth-Horcoff were solid, and Torres got better as the game went. Jussi was good, and had no chance on any of the goals. The TV boys said Cross may have hurt his MCL, and Bergeron got hit by a shot killing a penalty late, and was shaking his left hand when he left the game. Detroit really only looked like a better team on the power play. Osgood was a bit shaky, and Horc's goal was brutal. All in all, if they aren't too beat up on D, an outcome worthy of the effort.

Cross hurt his MCL? So, just theoretically, that's the kind of thing they destroy horses at trackside for, right?

This guy posts on HF and is a friend of Bergy. (It was confirmed through Guy F.)

He says Bergy's out for a week, but not staying in Detroit for surgery as mentioned on the post-game show.

I live in the D so I saw the game. Pronger was ridiculous. His little spin at the blueline followed up by the little shot on net that led to Pisani's goal was sweet.

Detroit was really impressive, though. Their puck movement is unbelievable. Their third period PP goal was a minute 20 of slickness.

Who gets the call up? Syvret and Smith are my predictions.

Syvret is a Bergy kinda player and Smith at least has NHL experience.

"Cross hurt his MCL? So, just theoretically, that's the kind of thing they destroy horses at trackside for, right?"

Colby, I think your Cross/horse analogy is a little off. Instead of "destroyed at trackside" as if we're discussing a thoroughbred, it would be more apt to say, "pushed into hole dug in farmer's field".
Theoretically, of course.

The cost of the game isn't too bad, i figured it was better than going with the woman to see "In her Shoes" no wait, anything is better than that.

Anyway, Hemsky played slightly above average I would say, his turn over on a sloppy pass in the third period really hurt that power play. He needs to ensure his passes back to his d-men are quicker. It was a sloppy play and it cost them, but not in a big way.

Pronger was the best player on the ice by far, Detroit offence was keeping the puck away from any of their players who were near him.

Osgood did not play very well, his only big save was on Torres late in the third period.

Torres-Dvorak-Stoll, they played outstanding, but for gods sake, can someone teach those boys how to hit the net when they shoot? I don't think Stoll hit the net once last night. That goes for Bergeron too.

Great game, pay per view isn't so bad, its nice to have another charge on the bill after all those playboy orders.

according to, the oilers have called up Smith and Syvret. Smith ought to replace Cross, and Syvret will no doubt be the puck moving defenceman that should temporarily replace Beregeron.

With no Weight or Tkachuk tonight, this ought to be a great game to get both young guys in to play.

Seems like the perfect time to give Morrison a spin, too.

There's an interesting article on today by Allan Muir on how many teams will be afraid to call up their third stringer who's playing in the minors who has to clear waivers if they're making more than 75,000. Apparently Boston and Vancouver have already bypassed their obvious third stringers in favour of a cheaper goalie to play back up. This should be interesting to keep an eye.

And I like Morrison tonight too, it'd be great for him to get a win, hopefully the Oil step up in front of him.

Hemsky did look good, seems to be a bit of an opportunist when it comes to finding an open spot. Pronger, well it pretty hard not to notice a guy 6'6", 220 lbs, when his ice time is just under 33 minutes. He did dominate both on pk an pp. Edm deserved to win that game, they just outworked the wings. Nice thing when Edm comes to town, you know you get to see 2 teams play that know how to play on good ice.
Refs were lselective on penalty calls and let a little minor interference pass. Checking ? well both teams were careful not to hurt anyone. Osgood, well he wwas just Osgood. I see that StL must have been thinking "oh crap, these guys just beat the wings".

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