Monday, November 14, 2005


Monday sports hits

The Canucks are 7-0 against the other two Western Conference divisions, but just 4-5-2 in the Northwest Division that they lead. The Central Division-leading Red Wings are 8-0 against teams in their own division, but just 2-2-1 against the Northwest.


Bored of the BoA already?

I love it when Boomer calls it the NFC Norris.

I'll take your word for it that Darren Flutie was using the first person plural to refer to the Eskimos, but it's certainly a strange attitude for him to take with respect to a team he played 2 of his 11 seasons for. Admittedly that was back during the Time of Troubles when Fresno and Hackensack were playing for Grey Cups, so I don't really have a vivid image of the guy as an Eskimo. Sean Millington always struck me as a little more Eski-friendly when he was broadcasting.

I don't even know how anyone would pick up on anything Flutie said amidst Steve Armitage's aggressive retardation. Did you catch him bellowing about how that last Calgary field goal was "huge"? OK, there's less than two minutes left, Edmonton's getting the ball, they haven't committed a turnover all day, they have Troy Davis, and Calgary still needs a major. CFL or not, I think "huge" was a pretty sizable exaggeration there.

I expect that Steve was trying to maintain some drama in a game which had ended, for all intents and purposes, several minutes earlier when Joffrey coughed up the ball for what seemed like the 11th time.

Steve and Darren were collectively so terrible that I actually found myself wishing that that shameless Eskimo booster Cuthbert was still calling the games.

Flutie did catch that TD pass in the Western Final (semi?) for Edmonton when his brother was on our sidelines with his hands in his muff.

Anyway, you wanna talk about aggressive retardation! Mike Richards on the FAN960 did a spot-on fake interview with Armitage this morning, culminating with Steve growling out words in loud and rapid succession:

"Marijuana! Pavel Bure! Teenaged prostitutes! Curtis Myden! Obliterated! Roy Dewalt! Weed!" etc etc. I almost veered off the road I was laughing so hard.

I found Fluties comments so biased that I turned off the volume. I couldnt take it any more. One other game that Calgary played earlier in the year, I cant remember who called it for TSN but I shut the sound off, only to turn on Mark Stephen, the Stamps own broadcaster, to find that his calling was out of sync with the tv. He was at least five seconds ahead. Cant win.

I very seldom now watch either football or hockey with the volume on, I find the commentary so bad. I can take Harry Neale or John Garret but thats it. How do guys like Greg Millen, or Ryan (cant think of his last name, used to play for Montreal) keep their job.

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