Thursday, November 03, 2005


Left hanging, x2

The most anguished person in Ottawa last night: Jean Chretien? No. Lindy Ruff? No. The answer is the person who had the Safeway Score & Win grand prize eligibility for the Sens game.

I actually have no idea if they do it for Sens games, but for Flames and Oilers games, they announce a person's name near the beginning of the game, and if any one player on the home team scores 5 goals, the lucky contestant wins a million bucks.

Last night the Senators' Martin Havlat potted his 4th goal with 3:02 left in the 2nd period. Then over the next 19 minutes of play, Havlat didn't score again, but Daniel Alfredsson scored 4, the last coming at 16:00.

So for the last 4:00 of the game, there were 2 players that could win Joe Sweepstakes a cool mil, and of course it didn't happen. The moral of the story, again: it's difficult to score 5 goals in an NHL game, new or old.


They do it for Leafs games too, so I'm almost certain they'd do it for Sens games.

It was a good night for my pool, seeing as I have Alfredsson, Havlat and Spezza racking up points.

We don't have Safeway in Ottawa, and as far as I know, there is no million dollar promotion here.

There is not, no.

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