Wednesday, November 16, 2005


I think the Flames are good...

A tentative (or even) 1st period, followed by two periods of Flames-style domination--that's how I saw tonight's game, which ties a team (but not franchise) record for consecutive wins.

Since the game went across the country tonight on TSN, I'd be interested to hear what "outsiders" thought of the performance. What I saw was one of those nights when just about every time a puck popped loose, or got fired around the boards, it went to a Flame. It's hard to explain (let alone justify) why this happens when the Flames are playing well, but it's as obvious as the space for rent on Pierre McGuire's head.

Thanks to regular commentor jhuck for the fine pic of Chelios laughing at a GM Place fan's sign; I've seen it before, but had totally forgotten about it.

Flames go for #9 on Friday v. Chicago. I have a karma-destroying post in mind already; plus, I hear that Mark Bell can be dangerous.

And FYI for those of you with Matt-overload; Sacamano has finished a major project today, and after some rest and recovery, should be back chirping helplessly at me shortly. Late-


Matt, your team is good. They have the best all-around forward, one of the better goalies, and arguably the best aggregation of defensemen in the league. They also have a coach that expects excellence and accountability from his players, and appears to have a knack for extracting it. That's a pretty nice base to operate from. I've been thinking of Cosh's question the other day about whether all Flames fans were as sanguine as you when they go through a patch of poor play. I can hardly speak for Flames fans, but if my team could throw Iggy, Kipper, and those 6 D on the ice every night, I wouldn't lose much sleep over the odd bad game.

"Uglier than Ricci" really needs to be reserved for genuine atrocities, like "worse than Hitler".

Don't get me started on Mark Bell! As an Ottawa 67s fan during my university days, Bell was the only 67 I couldn't cheer for. Sure he scored a lot of goals, but that's easy to do when you float outside the blueline waiting for the breakaway pass.

I haven't seen him play at the NHL level, but I'm sure he must have learned to be somewhat of a two way player to stay around this long, even with a team like Chicago.

Not only would I like to see the Flames keep the steak alive, I'd love it even more if Simon, McCarty, Iginla, Phaneuf or somebody gave Bell a few good shots.

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