Monday, November 07, 2005


Hit 'em again, ye men of Calgary!

The boys on The Fan 960 were playing this classic, uplifting ditty this morning, and I just can't get it out of my head. (Safe for work, safe for church picnics, safe for junior high pep rallies, etc.).

Hit 'em again, ye men of Calgary
Get on the ball and let's go marching down the field
While there's a goal in sight, play on with all your might
'Til the victory's won, get in and fight, fight, fight!

We're all behind you, men of Calgary
So when your backs are to the wall don't ever yield,
Come on you red and white, we need a win tonight
Hit 'em again, ye men of Calgary!

Thanks to, a service we've used a number of times on account of how unbelievably easy it is.

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That was decidedly NOT safe for my work as it directly contributed to me spitting my coffee all over my screen.


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