Saturday, November 26, 2005


Grey Cup Madness

The oldest trophy in North American sports is up for grabs tomorrow.

I guess this really doesn't belong on the BofA blog since, well, Calgary didn't really get their horse out of the gate. Nevertheless, since the Eskies are there -- again -- it seemed necessary to mention it.

I attended the 2002 Grey Cup in Regina, and I am convinced that it is the most fun you can have with your pants on. I'm not sure I've ever had a better weekend. In an effort to recreate that magic, I'm starting on the Grey Cup Party circuit today, and so I likely will not be around a computer for the next few days.

For some fantastic CFL commentary check out the excellent CanadianRules. A great looking site with some equally terrific content. Rumour has it that they are evey liveblogging the big game.


You kept your pants on at the Grey Cup? My apologies. (Although, you were in Regina.)

He was, however, told he had a "purty mouth" by six different men.

I'm sure you mean the 2003 Grey Cup in Regina, and if you are indeed refering to *that* Grey Cup, then I tend to agree with you that it was a blast. It was my first - and unfortunately only - Grey Cup, but I have since resolved to make it a lifetime goal of visiting a Grey Cup in every CFL city.

I was there too. The catch that Ben Cahoon made in that game will stand as one of my greatest CFL memories ever. And it goes right beside the large lads who were sitting in front of us as favorite things from that game (they were a wind break(G)).

Thanks for the link to our site, though. I really appreciate it!

Whooops. Yes, of course I meant the 2003 in Regina. Obviously I also attended the 2002 in Edmonton, but there is just something different about going out of town.

The highlight was clearly the Hamilton Party Suite when Danny Mac and Darren Flutie jumped up on stage, took the instruments, and started jammin'.

That reminds me, tonight's game is the Edmonton-Montreal rubber match.

Sure, it's the rubber match if you consider 7-3 a tie.

Also--"the oldest trophy in North American sports?" I'm sure some weird joke was intended, but I don't get it.

I though this was a hockey blog? How can you get excited about a championship game between the two least likeable teams in all of football?

And I mean all of football. Are there any football teams in any football league (NFL, University ball, Australian Rules football) in the world you would like to cheer for less?

Go Alouettes. I guess. And take the Eskimos with you.

If you've got a reason to "dislike" the Eskimos that doesn't boil down to "They win a lot, break even at the bank, and have dignity", I'd love to hear it. What's the problem--we don't have enough super-cuddly, stringently professional Nik Lewis types? We don't play at a high-school stadium with a Bakelite surface? Should we be trying to sign more HIV-positive rapists? What's the big secret?

I honestly can't picture a situation where signing an HIV-positive rapist wouldn't improve the status of your franchise in the view of the public.

Reasons to consider the Esko=imos one of the most unlikeable teams in all fo football. Oh, where to begin ...

They wear the ugliest uniforms in all of sports. They cheat and get away with it. They are coached by an imbecile (Danny's victory dance on second down in overtime was one for the ages). They generally act like the league and the world owes them a trophy. They have male cheerleaders (who are cuter than the female ones). They have a racist nickname. They play for Edmonton. Their quarterback is named Ricky Ray, which is the name of a comic book sidekick, not a professional football league quarterback. Richard, get yourself some self respect and change your name. Even Dick Ray is less gay than Ricky Ray and it is still pretty gay. They treat the best quarterback on their team like trash and he only has good things to say. They were once coached by Don Matthews.

I could go on, but I have to work tomorrow.

But still, a great game. All Hail the hated Eskies.

At least eight of those objections are stupider than Ashlee Simpson with a head cold, but I accept your salute on the city's behalf and leave you the last word.

And can someone go back and update all the references to Edmonton's 12 Grey Cups? K THX LOL

Edmonton has MALE cheerleaders?


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