Friday, November 04, 2005


Friday Fun Links

Neither of these has a thing to do with hockey, but they're very marginally sports-related, so what the hell.

1. Fark Photoshop Contest - Making Violent Video Games Family FriendlyH&R)

2. - The 30,000 Calorie SandwichWelch)

Be sure to click through on this one. Funniest supplementary info (tie): A) he did eat it, but it took him fifteen hours, and B) over 18,000 of the calories in the thing come from 154 Tablespoons of canola oil (this is why diets and deep fryers don't mix).


That sandwich is tremendous.

I bet those video game modifications would be even funnier if I had any clue what the originals were. Once they introduced games that required the use of a second button, I retired.

So you must have at least laughed at Bird Sanctuary then ("aim at the duck to feed it").

Definitely. Although my favourites were "In the Mood feat. Benny Goodman and his famous orchestra" and "Loom Vroom (Pensylvania Dutch approved)"

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