Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Flames Game Night

The Flames are gonna have their way, to-night... they play the Sharks in about half an hour at the "Pengrowth Saddledome", a name that Cosh has previously suggested sounds like an internet manhood enhancement scheme.

What can I say? The standings aren't ordered by coolness of rink name. (Or, fortunately for both the Flames and Oilers, consistency of rink name--although at least the Flames haven't changed their mind about what their building is every time they get a new sponsor. It's a coliseum! No, it's a centre! No, it's a place! My guess for next name for the Oilers' home is the "Schlumberger lksjdf..."

Puck drop at 7, radio only for the first time in a while. Go Flames.


I imagine the Rexall name will stay put for a while--it's a very old brand, the chain is consolidating its identity around it, and the current deal is for ten years. With all the Baby Boomers turning leprous and achy, you can't find a better growth business than pharmaceutical storefonts. Except for maybe novelty coffins with Jerry Garcia's face on them. (I may joke about manhood enhancement, but keep in mind that the Oilers are heavily underwritten by the purchase of actual aphrodisiacs.)

The Katz Group is a privately held company, so it's hard to estimate the family's fortune, but I once had to do so on behalf of the National Post Business Magazine using special investigative techniques. My best estimate: one jillion skillion dollars.

Aristotle would want me to add that there is nothing at all nonsensical or contradictory about a structure simultaneously being a "coliseum", a "centre", and a "place". In fact, it's hard to imagine a coliseum that was neither of the other two things.

Call it Pengrowth, Canadian Airlines what ever it is . It will always be known as the Squished Beer can to most older Oiler fans.

Actually Colby, Aristotle tried to drop that comment himself, but he was stymied by the 'word verification' filter.

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