Saturday, November 12, 2005


Flames Game Night

One of these days, or years, the Colorado Avalanche are going to have a season like their NHL predecessors in Denver. The Avs are presently 9-4-2 and have the best Win% in the Northwest Division, despite the fact that on paper, they should be quite a bit worse than last season.
Maybe they will take a turn for the worse (starting tonight would suit me fine), but so far they've been thumping their Northwest Division rivals like it's 2001.

Grapes, Stan Fischler's 1982 biography of Don Cherry, has plenty of uncomplimentary Hardy Astrom anecdotes, but here's one from
Giving the red light a workout was never a concern while Hardy Astrom was in goal for Don Cherry's Colorado Rockies in 1979-80. "First practice in Colorado, we were working on breakout drills. I shoot the puck at Hardy from the far blue line, and it goes right through his legs. 'Fluke,' I figure, so I shoot another one. Right through his legs again. 'Next drill,' I said.

Actually, Hardy was a nice guy, he just had a weakness with pucks."

Tonight's prediction: Aebischer lets some in, but no weak ones, and the Flames win 5-2 for their first 6-game win streak in over a decade. Go Flames.



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I like Kelly Hrudey, but that dictionary bit made me squirm.

"I think Gary Bettman is a good businessman!" Well, fine, but if the point was to take Tiger Williams' remarks personally, explaining how Gary Bettman is not a punk is a really weird way to do that.

I just want to take this opportunity to apologize to Mr. Hardy Astrom, his family, and his various teammates.

Because all my predictions seem to pay off for Calgary these days whether right or wrong, I am formally remaining silent about the West Semifinal. (Remaining silent, that is, while hoovering Rolaids at nine hundred miles an hour. Eccchhh.)

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