Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Flames Game Night

Clothes horses Alexandre Daigle and Wes Walz, and their Minnesota Wild teammates, visit the Saddledome tonight to take on the Flames. (Sidebar: I googled for about 15 minutes to try to find Daigle in the nurse's uni from that Score promotional campaign, and came up empty. If you know where to find it, drop a link in the comments or email me).

It's time for the boys to quit dickin' around, and exact some revenge for that ugliness on opening night in the process. Go Flames.


I'll admit, I was bummed out when we traded Daigle away. It is too bad it took him 10 years to get all Selke on us, so the +/- straight out of a Nunavut daily forecast will have to live on in Sens trivia infamy.

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