Monday, November 07, 2005


Flames Game Day

Tonight (7PM MST, Sportsnet West) the Flames engage again with the Vancouver Canucks and their historically competent defense.

While the Flames' road record in 2 games against the Northwest Division is to retch over (0-2, 13GA), their home record is nearly without a blemish: four wins, and a grand total of one goal allowed (congratulations, Ethan Moreau).

Stat watch: after Saturday's win over the Canucks, the Flames are up to 24th in the PK rankings (79.2%). Their rank at home? First, baby! (92.5%).

A win tonight would be the cherry of top of a perfect 4-0 homestand. Calgary has already been plenty sportsmanlike and accommodating to Vancouver for the month, thank you (headline in today's Vancouver Sun: "Stamp win feels like one for Lions").

I'll be heading out to a local dive in hopes of swivelling my head between the hockey game and the potential re-emergence of the Peyton Manning Face. I'm picking 35-24 for the Patriots and a 4-2 win in the hockey game. Go Flames.

[Update: I should have mentioned that the Harold Snepsts and Rick Lanz pics were found at this excellent gallery, also featuring Dennis Vervegaert and Paul Reinhart in classic hockey poses. Sorry--no Ivan Boldirev or Blair Macdonald.]


That's not Rick Lanz, that's Thomas Gradin. You can partially see the number 3 on the sleeve (Gradin wore 23, Lanz wore 4).

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