Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Can I buy a vowel please, Pat?

Given the injuries and overall lack of depth on the blueline, would the Oil be interested in getting Janne Niinimaa back?

Apparently he's having some troubles on Long Island. Similar to trouble he had with the Finnish national team. I don't recall there every being rumblings about that sort of stuff when he was in Edmonton.

Janne was legitimately crushed when he was traded from the Oilers, and he has never really found his mojo since. He also had a knee injury, which likely didn't help.

I think it is fair to say that Oilers fans had a bit of a love/hate relationship with Janne, but that it was probably more love than hate. He certainly made his share of "boneheaded plays", to quote Rod Phillips, but he was generally reliable and was certainly tough.

Perhaps too tough for today's NHL - I see that he is the 5th most penalized d-man in the league.

Would he help? What would it take to get him out of NY?


Off-topic, but your post header reminded me: I hope Finland has the same skip for Olympic curling this February as last time. That is one of the greatest sports names ever.

Also, the Canadian trials are now less than a month away.

you might be interested to know as a Lethbridge guy that the Finnish skip trained in Lethbridge 2 years ago and curled in a bonspiel there. He spent most of his time trying to explain to people how to pronounce his name.

As for Janne, if he is on the outs with his team, it shouldn't take too much to get him in a trade, perhaps a Semenov and draft pick?

I'd give the draft pick, and thats about it.

Niiiiiniiiimaaaaaa seems like a bit of a risk, and certainly not worth losing a potentially impact defenseman like Semenov.

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