Sunday, November 13, 2005


Bolit dusha

Cosh has posted what can verily be described as an epic contribution to the Battle of Alberta.

It is devastating in its assessment of Flames fans and inspiring in its celebration of Chris Pronger.

It is the final paragraph, however, that truly distinguishes the piece as he accomplishes nothing short of defining the very душа [dusha] of an Oilers Fan. Reading it evokes perhaps the rarest and most momentous of human emotions - that of awakening to a new self-awareness. It is at once terrifying and liberating.

Matt Addendum: Yeah, about 3 weeks ago I said that the most remarkable individual stat thus far is Rod Brind' Amour taking 43% of Carolina's face-offs. Although he's kept that pace up, I think the "eight" Cosh notes takes the cake:
...[Eric Brewer] has accrued 35 penalty minutes trying to contain enemy forwards in the "new NHL". Pronger's current total (eight minutes in all, earned while playing 28 minutes a night) qualifies him--without one hint of exaggeration or sarcasm--as history's unlikeliest candidate for the Lady Byng Trophy.



Well must say for sports blog post that was pretty deep. If he starts using Russian poetry to defend the Oil then an intervention is required. Must say though it is bang on Brewer was always the next year kid. Jussi was owned by Bell last night. I could not stop laughing when he rung it off the pole though.

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