Friday, November 25, 2005


BofA Gameday Open Thread



Prediction: Peca sticks it to Matt by shutting down Iggy and getting a Gordie Howe hat trick.

I'm all for going out on a limb, but that's lunatic. In Peca's 1st game as a 4th liner, he's going to play 22 minutes against The Man? And shut him down?

I though I was the one who usually got into the booze first.

It's Mrs. Sacamano's birthday and she isn't drinking these days. Somebody has to.

Happy Birthday to SMac! I'll have one for her, too.

Go Flames go!

Ah ... Roger Millions just did the 'Bob Cole' -- a delayed penalty is called. The Flames have possession. The Oilers touch the puck.

Roger does exactly what Bob would do and says .. 'penalty coming up against the Flames'

Roger is not quite as used up as Bob and I'm sure that was an honest mistake, with the puck being in the Flames end and all. I wish someone would explain the delayed penalty to rule to Bob. He gets it wrong 9 times out of 10.

Holy D-Vo. If I did this for a living, I'd have to go in and ask for a raise Monday.

Nice period by Peca too. He looks not only like a good 4th line centre, but a good 3rd line centre.

Jarome looks good too, though. Look out.

Two thoughts:

1) Kipper must be cheating.

2) Millions is going to jinx Morrison.

Yup. Sure enough. Tie game. I hate you Roger Millions.

Is Sportsnet now the Flames Network? You'd think you were watching a Leafs game, the commentating is so one-sided.

Yeah, I noticed. It'll be interesting to see what the games sound like with Quinn & Ferraro later in the season.

I didn't think it was "biased" so much as entirely from a Flames perspective. It's like everything Millions had to say, he was directing at Flames fans, somehow forgetting (neglecting?) that this is Sportsnet West, not Sportsnet Calgary.

Wow. Has a team ever had 4 tries ina shootout without registering a shot on goal?

Still -- a Battle of Alberta shoot-out is golden, even if the wrong side came out on top. The 'new NHL' got it right with the shoot-out.

At least 'never missed in the history of his life' Ryan Smyth ... missed.

Oh well. Finally, the Battle of Alberta got interesting this year...

And lastly ... Roger Millions quote of the night for Matt: "Peca could have won it, should have won it in ovetime ... "

Um... I would say Amonte and Phaneuf 'missed'. Smyth got a shot on goal, which was saved. There's a difference.

And I still have one of the commentators echoing in my head. "THAT WAS A SLASH!"

So what's the Matt Fenwick headline for this one? Lemme guess:

Our Boys Earn Tie Under Perfectly Good Traditional Rules That Saw Us Through Two World Wars

For sure Smyth had a shot (which was stuffed). All of the Oilers recorded a shot on goal in the shootout.

Kipro-Save faced 4 shots in the shootout and stopped 3, a save percetage in the shootout of .750 which is entirely respectable.

Morrison, who played a good game, had a save percentage of 0.0000 in the shootout as the Flames shooters, inexplicably, shot wide 4 out of 4 times. Coach Sutter should have sent Mikka in as one of our shooters. it could not have been aby worse.

But still, kudos to the Oil, who are squeaking by with last minute, overtime and shootout wins lately. Those points add up. Eventually you have to win a game in regulation time, but you can stay in the hunt by staying close at least through January.

I don't know what the headline is, Cosh. I'd say the general impression is: Oilers Better Than Most Other Opponents So Far This Year, But Not Scary.

The Flames are going to win the NW Division this year by about 6 points. They're better than the Canucks and the Oilers, and the Avalanche.

That said, I am incredibly disappointed that we can't go 8-0 vs. the Oil this year.

That was actually a fairly exciting game. Both goalies were making huge saves at both ends of the ice. I was a bit skeptical about shoot outs to begin with, after well we've lost some hearthbreaker shootouts in international hockey. But truth be told they can be fairly exciting when it just for an extra point. I'm fairly impressed with Morrison, he seems to be seizing the opporunity he's getting to show he belongs in the NHL.

The Flames are going to win the NW Division this year by about 6 points. They're better than the Canucks and the Oilers, and the Avalanche.

This is nuts. I wouldn't be shocked if the Flames won the division but as of right now, they're last amongst those 4 teams in terms of goal differential, they've had the second easiest schedule in terms of their opponents ability to outscore, and they have the lowest percentage of home games remaining remaining. There are a ton of factors that suggest that the Flames are not going to win this division, at least not based on their performance so far.

As for the Oilers being "not scary" relative to the Flames...I watched the first two games these two played this year but not tonight's. I thought that the Oilers were the better of the two teams overall through the first two games and by all accounts tonight was more of the same.

Kiprusoff and Iginla are absolutely fantastic hockey players; both are better than anyone the Oilers have. It's a lengthy falloff after that though.

What can I tell you Tyler; although the Flames lost tonight, they're a better team that they were 17 games ago when they last faced the Oilers.

That's an opinion of course, not fact, but my other one is that Lombardi is as good as Hemsky. And he'll be back eventually. I don't think the dropoff is as bad as you suggest, at all.

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