Friday, November 04, 2005


Beat the best, beat the worst

Nice result tonight. Fairly ugly game, and they didn't play as well as the score would suggest, but they certainly got the job done. Anytime you win two back to back games on the road you've got to be happy. When the first is against the league's top team and the second is a blowout, you've got to be very happy.

"Pronger, then a fragile-egoed, underachieving 25-year-old, bore the brunt of the fan's wrath. After getting routed by Philadelphia at home on Feb. 3, 1996, Pronger was booed off the ice."

[edit]: DAMN! I just found this photo and now I wish I'd titled this thread "Goin' off the Rails".


Could the Blues win in the ECHL with that lineup? The Oilers played a 6th/7th d-man (Alexei the sniper), and 2 AHLers, and still pounded them. Nice win and all, but I was a Jets fan, and St. Louis looked like some of those late, unlamented Jets teams of the early 80's. Of course, two weeks ago, they threw up that charming game that Sacamano and I both spent/squandered our money on, so progress is progress.

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