Sunday, November 13, 2005


Battle of Alberta - Playoff Division + Oiler's Game Day

Tonight's Western Semifinal
marks this year's first truly important Battle of Alberta

There is no doubt that Calgary has the momentum after spanking the Eskimos last week to steal home-field advantage. But Edmonton certainly has experience on their side - it is hard not to after making the playoffs 34 years in a row.

Edmonton may have the most inconsistent, frustrating team I've ever supported. Seriously, at times they look unbeatable, at other times they look like a junior team. I really don't know what to make of them or what to think about tonight's game. Any prediction would just be a shot in the dark and I don't want to mess with any football mojo so I'm not making any picks.

Let's just hope that Old Sean Fleming shows up rather than New Sean Fleming.

Oiler's Game Day vs Chicago

I'm not making a separate post for this because, well, I'm lazy. But, I will predict a 4-2 Edmonton win and that Kolanos endears himself to his new fans by scoring the game winner.

Also, Battle of Ontario reports that Allison may be on the block. Would Edmonton have enough to get a slow overpaid centre?


I think the Oilers learned the lesson with Oates experiment. so please no. The Eskies are going to rotate QB's and Stamps D will fold today. What do I know I watch hockey and Nascar thats about it. Although I bet against any Rider fan when need be because it is easy.

OK, I'll hold off on making a prediction too. Well, except for one.

I think we'll see the Old Sean Fleming out there--Very Old.

Bryan Hall just called for a QB change with 4 mins left in the first quarter.

I can't say I disagree with him. Ricky hasn't been getting it done for 5 quarters now - maybe it's time to give Maas a shot.

I don't know which Sean Jleming this one is -- he may set a redord for touchdowns in a playoff game. Even so, 24 points aren't going to be enough ...

Why does ferarro keep selling Markonnen? Does he get a cut?


Ned Flanders
is on my TV
dressed like a used tampon
trying to explain
how twelve
became thirteen


Ned may not be able to count, but he did not drop the football, not even once. Jeez what a disaster.

Now I remember why I hate football.


At least the Oilers lost.

Looks like you were right, Matt!

Old Sean Fleming it was.

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