Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Zebras and tonight's wildness

It's going to be a Wild night (especially in Calgary I hope).

With every single team on the ice tonight (a new record), the biggest thing I expect to see: some really bad officiating.

Any other thoughts?


I expect to see a crap load of goals, at which point tomorrow morning you'll hear hundreds of thousands of poolies whine at why they believed the 2003/04 season statistics meant anything for this season. I can't wait.

oh, and Peca will get a hat trick, you heard it here first.

Tonight, and through the first week or two, some bad teams will win and some good teams will lose. At normal times, fans and media react too quickly to this. This year, it will be ridiculous.

People will be scrambling to explain it, and attribute it to this or that rule change. Bah. It's sports - some teams get better, some teams get worse, and some nights, the better team doesn't win.

Mic'ed refs? This should be a disaster. Reminds me of the XFL.
Also, hockey fans will begin to absolutely love the new rules and totally hate the new rules, they will alternate with a mind bending ease depending on how their team is affected.

--Randy (Coverinoil Crew)

Agreed. There will be a lot of bitching about the rules by coaches who lose tonight too. Poor refs. Except Kerry Fraser. He will revel in the attention.

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