Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Too good to be buried in the comments

Tears in my eyes...:
Even the sportstalk callers who want Mactavish's head on a pike with Mike Peca's balls in its mouth acknowledge that Pronger has been terrific. He's easily the smartest defenceman I've ever seen in an Oilers uniform, he's +3 on a team that's otherwise deep in the minus, and no one has had to teach him how to make adventurous, accurate passes through the neutral zone. The one visible difficulty that might be partly ascribed to him is the power play's failure to find a workable doctrine--but I think most Oiler-watchers would hang that on MacT and Craig "What Have You Done For Me Lately, Or In Fact Ever" Simpson.

Needless to say, I now have a new favourite Oiler nickname, ever--thanks Cosh. And speaking of crystal, uh, balls, my comment here about the copper & blue mob seems pretty prescient, a whole almost-two-weeks later.

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