Monday, October 10, 2005


Too early?

How long do we have to wait to start bringing out the Roman Turkiprusoff jokes?


I'm not really in any place to object, but I'd at least wait until he's cost the Flames a game. By my count, he's allowed one weak goal this year.

Do those "weak ones" count double now? Friggin' Bettman.

So then: what's the deal with the Flames?

I been giving this to my Flame fan friends since they signed him to the big deal. The Flames need to tighten up. I thought the new rules would be good for them.. losing Robin R for month hurts them. I posted this on someones blog about week ago when they were after the Oiler goalies... Turkiprisoff is just to good to pass up.

Is a Turkiprusoff sort of like a Finnish turducken?

Cosh, I think you've just underlined how that gloss is way too tortured to be any good.

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