Friday, October 07, 2005


..that's more like it..

Flames beat Columbus 3-1.

One of those games where the shots on goal are entirely reflective of the balance in play. Jarome looked great. The "2nd" line of Lombardi, Reinprecht, and Kobasew looked great, despite being 3 of the 5 guys on the team who weren't on the ice for a GF. (Actually, Kobasew looked a lot like he did during the 2004 playoffs -- good in the sense that he was creating opportunities, but bad in the sense that he simply cannot put it in the net. I think if he netted a hat trick in a game early this season, he'd be off to the races, but he's just hexed right now).

If you're looking for a downside, Ference continues to look awful. I counted 4 CBJ scoring chances (not including the Leopold own-goal that cost Kipper the SO), and two of them were the direct and proximate result of a Ference giveaway. He did look slightly more comfortable later in the game, a promising sign.

Three final thoughts:

Happy Thanksgiving - Canadian edition. I doubt I'll post again until after the Detroit game, Sunday at 1PM MDT (radio only).

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