Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Thanks Pop

Today is my Dad's 60th birthday. I love him for all the reasons a guy is supposed to love his Dad; the clincher, as it were, is that he gave me my first live looks at the Battle of Alberta. These are but two examples:

Good, good times. Posted by Picasa

Happy birthday, Dad!


Ironically, Matheson's headline the morning of November 7th, 1989 was:

"Flames lack spark but Oilers have no fire: No more Battle left in Alta."

Some golden quotes from the Herald though:

"The teams were playing a Walt Disney-like show and threatening to turn the Battle of Alberta into an opera without soap when Doug Gilmour hacked Kurri to the ice with his stick.

Kurri woke up the crowd by dropping his gloves before the officials intervened.

"Kurri shoulda hit him (Gilmour) over the head with his stick," fumed Muckler. "But Gilmour runs and hides. That's slashing below the knee (back of the leg). Kurri should have hit him with his glove on."

"That (fighting) is not part of my game," said Gilmour. "I didn't try to whack him hard. I didn't mean to hit him."

Then, the fans near the Oiler bench showered Kevin Lowe with insults. In keeping with tradition, Lowe gave the fans a drink from his water bottle."

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