Friday, October 07, 2005


Schremp Signs [updated]

[updated with queries]

The Oilers have signed Rob Schremp to a 3-year contract.

I like the move. No terms were released, but I assume it was below the max. This should kill all of the yimmer-yammer about his being disgruntled and reentering the draft next year. It also ensures that we will not have to worry about trying to sign a poster boy to start the season since we all know what can happen in those situations.

Dale Hunter has also named him an alternate captain for the Knights, so - if nothing else - his time down in London will give him the opportunity to develop his leadership skills.

All in all I don't think it could have worked out better.


Hey, anyone know what the new CBA says about this situation?

I know that he can't be called up except for "emergency situations" (i.e., Edmonton, Iowa, and Hamilton all get hit by meteors killing all of our other centers, but what about after the OHL season ends?

Can he be called up then? If he plays fewer than 10 games does he still not lose a year of eligibility? Do playoff games count in this 10-game total?

London's last regular season game is on March 19th, after which the Oilers still have 14 games + playoffs. If Schremp lit up the OHL and the Oilers powerplay still stunk after March 19th, could they call him up for the final 9 games of the season without buring a year of free agency?


Re: the Comrie link, here's some fresh love for Cory Cross from Boltsmag:

"There isn’t much history to this team but there have been a lot of bodies who have played on this franchise… Some great players, some fan favorites, some bad players who continued to hold a job because the franchise sucked so bad (Hello, Cory Cross!)…"

Well, with Fedorov the Younger going to the Rangers, we won't have to worry about him stepping around Cross like he did during preseason.

This is news for oilbaggers? Schrimp signs a contract? He's got the "A" in London?

Give me strength!

I see our word verification spam filter still isn't working.

I thought that we had already covered all of the news about how the Oilers won their first game while the Flames lost theirs. But hey, if you want to keep talking about it, D-mac, knock yourself out.

You can actually play 10 games, not nine, without burning a year of free agency. I believe Schremp can do this after the OHL season ends, but playoff games do count toward the total.

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