Thursday, October 27, 2005


Right approach?

I'm not sure how I feel about the bag-skate. I know it is a long standing tradition, but does it ever actually work?

"On the heels of two crushing defeats and a seven-game losing streak, MacTavish wheeled his players into a practice rink in Dallas and gave them a very public spanking. Longtime observers called it the most punishing bag skate they'd ever seen as MacTavish drilled his players into the ice for 50 straight minutes."


He's personally desperate. Now, if the Oil wins next game, it can plausibly be attributed to the fact that he "did something", and his job is safe for another week.

And if they lose . . . he starts taking fingers.

I was in the military along time ago. If one person screwed up you all screwed up. They made you do drill until people passed out, puked or a combination of both. You would try harder to prove yourself and you would attempt not to be the cause of extras. It should transfer to all team environments. Seems like it should not be used at the Pro level but when they play like juniors ya get treated like a junior.

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