Saturday, October 15, 2005


Open thread

Comments on the game? Go ahead.

I'll start by saying that I think Schick & friends are doing a great job (again) officiating. Hughson said, "They're allowing some battling" -- well, I should hope so, this is hockey. And I didn't see any blatant stick or obstruction fouls that ought to have been called.


The Oil started off with a nice forecheck, but it didn't result in much because Calgary did such a good job of keeping everything to the outside.


Peca has been alright! He has no "creativity" whatsover, though: how many times that period did he get the puck alone on the side boards, and immediately chip it behind the net without even lifting his head.

I see the Oil is winning the faceoff battle by a comical 72/28 margin as well; that's about the margin they had against Dallas last night too.

I thought I saw a little more holding then I have in past games. Some arms over shoulders type stuff.

God-DAMN what a save!

The only good thing about that powerplay was that I saw an old friend from highschool in the crowd (KT).

Again, zero movement and just looking for one-timers.

That is not going to cut it.

You saw Torch in the crowd?

So, the Leafs cut Mush and kept Wade Belak? I'm sure they had their reasons.

Millen must be drunk. There is no way the Oilers have outchanced the Flames.

Other than the Hemsky robbery, not a single shot has been dangerous.

It is a pretty frustrating game to watch from an Oilers perspective. They really miss Horc and Smyth in the offensive zone.

Yep. Torch gave a standing-O to the penalty killers

Until that remark, I hadn't had much of a problem with Millen tonight.

Reminiscent of spring '04, where to memory-quote Friend of the South 'W.I. in Kingston', "he kept saying how tired the Flames looked, as they took the forecheck to the Canucks for the umpteenth time of the game".

Hewson is just at annoying. I hate how they keep marvelling at that rule changes.

The thing that gets me about Millen is his aversion to the cycle. I love it as a tactic and wouldn't mind seeing more of it.

As for the game, great to see Kipper back in form - hopefully this is a breakthrough game for him and the Flames.

Indeed, I'm not really sure what Millen's problem with cycling the puck is (or what his prescription to stop it is).

Is it time to crack out the Bill Walton? "This is a game, PLAYED BY MEN, for the ultimate prize."

I think cycling is really fun to watch. And the flames happen to be very good at it.

I am really frustrated at the flames power play. But this is sort of a carry over from last year.

At least the PK looks a heck of a lot better today.

Great shot by langkow, and an amazing save by markonnen

I never thought I'd miss that old Oiler homer Chris Cuthbert, but he is so head and shoulders above Jim Hughson it makes you cry.

I would like to thank Jim however for reminding me after every single icing call that the team that iced the puck will not be able to change lines. Thanks Jim, I think I got it after the 14th icing.

Go Flames.

I think the "turkey vulture" take in the 1st period was his low mark, but point definitely taken.

OK, so Phaneuf isn't quite perfect yet.

I was actually laughing out loud watching him repeatedly thump it off the back boards on that 5-3.

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McInnes used to miss the net on purpose to get the favourable bounce in front to confuse the goalie. That's not what Phaneuf was doing...

Maybe it is just because my team lost, but I didn't see the same "exciting brand of hockey" that those two jokers kept going on about.

Flow? Huh?

I guess the refs are officially giving up on the New Hockey. How many times in one second does Stoll have to get hit in the face with a stick to get a call? Were they waiting for Kiprusoff to skate over and join in the party with Marchment and Warrener?

Well, I don't think the Oilers played poorly. The Flames just played really well.

They didn't allow the Oil to get anything through the neutral zone, they kept everything on the boards in their own end, and they cleared every rebound.

The Oil had a decent game defensively, but just didn't do much to make it difficult for Kipper. Pretty much straight on shots the whole game.

Does that count as the Flames serving the Oilers their dongs creamed on toast?

Just askin'

Looks to me like this game could go on until Thursday and the Oilers still wouldn't score ... oh wait! They get another chance to get skunked on Thursday!!

>Maybe it is just because my team lost, but I didn't see the same "exciting brand of hockey" that those two jokers kept going on about.

My thoughts exactly:

At least Langkow is in my pool.

I noticed this is in the Dallas game and the part of the Flames game I saw yesterday. The referees seem to essentially be giving up (again) on the rules crack down. However, it may just be some referees rather than a concerted effort. However, it doesn't bode well.

Regarding the Flames game and the Dallas game we are missing Smyth and Horcoff. Offensively everyone is limping out there without a legitimate first line to carry the load. Kippersoft also seems to have returned to form (unfortunately).

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