Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Oilers Game Day

Season Record: 3-3-0 Season Record: 2-4-1

Head-to-Head: 0-0-0 Head-to-Head: 0-0-0

Last Game: 3-0 Loss vs CalgaryLast Game: 2-0 Win vs Calgary


Given that Phoenix played last night in Calgary, this game is a nice chance for the Oil to get back into the win column. Of course the Coyotes are 7th in the league in GAA, and our offense is struggling.

Expect some boos for both Comrie and Nedved's wife.

I only hope that the Coffey hoopla doesn't wear them out as seemed to happen with the Outdoor Game last season.

Given that we have three games in four nights, how will Mac-T play the goalie situation? How would you?


Two for Markkanen, one for Conklin.

Which ones?

Markkanen's gotta get to play against Calgary, so I'd put Conks in tonight, he has to step it up now and prove himself. Colorado's a toss up. Let them try to prove themselves in the next two games and then see who is playing hotter.

My only concern with Conklin tonight is how the crowd will handle it. But i think they will be so concerned with cheering for Coffey, and booing Comrie, that they won't have time to give Conklin any grief.

Markkanen against Calgary, Conklin against Colorado game 1. If Conklin does well, give him game 2 as well. If he does like I expect (mediocre), than give Colorado gm 2 to Markkanen.

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