Friday, October 14, 2005




Season Record: 3-1-0 Season Record: 3-1-0

Head-to-Head: 0-0-0 Head-to-Head: 0-0-0

Last Game: 3-1 Loss vs L.A.Last Game: 3-2(OT) Win vs Calgary

If the Oil pull off a win tonight, the Flames' nuts will be so far withdrawn on Saturday I expect they won't need cups.

[EDIT: Sigh, it looks like it is the Oil's jocks that will be fitting a big snugly. With no Smyth, no Horcoff, no Ullie, and who knows what in goal. Yikes!


So who you like in net tonight? Markkanen's turn? Since games against divison rivals are more important, do you think since the Oil have a back to back today and tomorrow that they should save Jussi for the Flames? Also, I like Conks against Dallas, he's better with the puck outside his crease, and that could help against the Stars attack.

I'd like Markkanen to play both games. But unforunately I don't think MacTavish is going to grant that particular wish. I think Dallas is playing alot better than Calgary at the moment thus it might be appropriate to play Markkanen against them. However, it would also make sense to save Markkanen to play against Calgary simply because the Oilers really want to beat Calgary.

Meh. I like Jussi more, but I don't think it really matters who starts. They really haven't been all that different from each other.

Jussi let in the same number of bad goals against LA that Ty did against Phoenix, he just didn't have anyone scoring goals to bail him out.

My guess is that they go with Conks tonight, and that he has a very solid outing that will muffle the critics until Jussi shuts out the Flames on Saturday.

We need a big stamp to put across this thread that says "SUPERSEDED BY EVENTS".

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