Monday, October 24, 2005


No NHL Goalie? Go to the AHL. No AHL Goalie? Go to the ECHL

The Oilers have sent Ty to the minors for a "conditioning assignment" and called up Mike Morrison from the Greenville Grrrowl of the ECHL.



Rumor has it that the Oilers are talking to the Capitals for Olaf Kolzig. Have you guys heard anything? Who could they trade for "Olie the goalie"?


So, does Morrison start against Colorado tomorrow night?

Washington could use some size and experience on their defence, i wouldn't be surprised to see Corey Cross or Ulanov traded, but more likely Cross. The oil could then call up Syvret and give him some ice time.
If the oil come home from this 3 game road trip with 3 losses, then it better not be the same team coming home, or things could get ugly. A few players might not be coming back anyway, the Coyotes have made some pretty good trades and improved slightly, now its the oilers turn. and they better do it soon, before too many GM's figure out that there won;t be many trades with the salary caps.

Who knows. I can only assume that this means Conklin was doing terrible in practice. Why else wait until just before the road trip to bring him up.

No way...Pronger is on pace for 16 points!

I don't want Kolzig at all.

It's Jussi Rebound or bust.

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