Saturday, October 29, 2005


Martin Biron?

The Oilers are apparently thinking quite strongly about acquiring Martin Biron from Buffalo.

When you send Prendergast, Asst. GM Howson and Gare, you have to think it is legitimate.

Personally, I hope they were scouting New Jersey and not Buffalo.

Do we really want Biron at 2-million? What would we be willing to give up? A third-rounder? Is there anyone else on Buffalo? JP Dumont?

Are we really that uncomfortable with Jussi? Is Biron even an improvement over Jussi?

Speaking of trade value: does Laraque have any right now? I think we could do without him, but I'm not sure there is a market for his unique blend of bone crushing fighting ability and total lack of puck sense.


I take it all back. Biron was just scored on - on his first shot. He sounds like just the kind of goaltender the Oilers require.

I suppose we still need a backup, but we don't need an expensive backup.

Doesn't it suck that both Flames/Oilers games are on radio? WHAT IS THIS!? 1987!!?

You know, Biron probably isn't better than Markkanen, but he's probably better than Conklin, so if we're going to go with a tandem, he's not a bad bet. So long as he's not expensive to acquire, of course (and assuming we actually want to play him about 50/50).

And I blame the one-shot, one-goal thing on the fact he hadn't gotten off the bench until the end of October.

Sure but then what do you do with Conklin? We can't very well have 3 million dollars tied up in backups.

Is he tradeable? Word is that Pittsburgh was interested in him, but now that Tarnstrom is hurt that deal seems to be out.

Or do we just cut him lose on waivers and hope somebody claims him, thus adding by subtraction?

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