Thursday, October 27, 2005


Mario? Darryl?

Can two terrible teams exchanging players actually accomplish anything?

Word on the street is that the Oilers had 3, count 'em, 3 scouts at the Pittsburgh game last night.

Peca for Palffy?
Semenov for Tarnstrom?
All 12 of our forwards + Pouliot for Darryl?
All of our defensemen for Fleury?

Gonchar? Leclair? Kraft (please no)?


The scouts just wanted to see a team even worse than the Oilers. I always wondered the Oilers never do bad enough to get a real good draft pick. But I think the scouts have not brought much to the Oilers in a while. other than Schremp

Not sure what the Oilers could offer in terms of value for a trade...besides the afformentioned Schremp. Can't really afford to give up the likes of Smyth or Pronger...

What the oilers need is goaltending. Perhaps shields could have been nabbed?

If I was looking for a goalie, I would look no further than the Buffalo Sabres, who have 3 excellent young goaltenders on their roster. Biron is the oldest at 27, and appears to out of favour with Ruff. He seems the most likely choice, as Miller is now the starter and Noronene is younger.

That is, unless you could get Fleury, which seems like the most unlikely thing in the world.

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