Saturday, October 29, 2005


Just another day on the job

Another game, another win. It's getting old hat really.

Some great signs tonight:


At least we played Semenov instead of sitting him in favour of Ulanov.

The Oilers sound like they have turned the corner. Semenov last I saw him play was looking very dicey with the puck. Looks like he has lost confidence. He is a big guy he needs to play like one. Go Oilers... looks like MacT's job is safe for awhile.... As for BG he needs to sit is butt in front of the net and practice tipping pucks for an hour a day he may get some ice time... I don't think anyone can move him with out taking a penalty

I don't mind Ullie. And he can certainly provide more than 2:22 of icetime.

The alternative is to keep playing Pronger, Bergeron, Staois, Smith and Cross for 20 plus minutes each.

I don't think it is too much for Pronger, but can these other guys really keep it up for an entire season . . .

More toilet talk:

"If we were a little luckier, we'd have three wins on this trip,'' said Bergeron. "But we kind of (pooped) our pants in Colorado."

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