Monday, October 10, 2005


Game Day

@ Anaheim @ Colorado
8:30 PM MDT 7:00 PM MDT
Sportsnet West Philco only

Inspired by our friends at Covered in Oil, I thought I'd check the TSN message boards and take the temperature of public opinion on the Flames. I do find it both tiring and unnecessary, though, to click through to the truncated portions of the message. I think we can all get the general idea from the opening half-line:
To get to the heart of the matter, though, leave it to DBaby123456:
"Everyone Needs to remember that this isnt the NFL ..."

That clears up my perspective! And explains why I didn't see any footballs during the Flames highlights....


Yep, the TSN threads are a real genius parade—but they still don't hold a candle to the gushing all-cappsed screamery that dominates I'd go find a quote as an example, but every time I log on I swear I can feel my forehead dent slightly inward to fill in the space caused by my brain leaking out my ear.

Is it possible to be an elitist hockey fan? I think it's very possible, looking down at these raving TSN posts from my pince-nez and steaming cup of coffee...

Of course it's possible to be an elitist hockey fan! I could have lifted some quotes that didn't require a '[sic]' (with some extra effort, of course), but elected not to, in an effort to show that, you know, I'm better than them.

There are tons of elitist sport fans for every game. They are better known as purists.

I think a great angle to go on if you wanted to be a hockey snob would be to deny that any team other than the Original Six existed. And every time someone talked about Gretzky or Lemieux, you could mutter "they never would have scored that many points playing against Hap Day and King Clancy" under your breath. I would also recommend modeling your clothing style on Toe Blake. Lots of fedoras and trenchcoats.

I think you basically just described Stan Fischler. It was only around '96 or '97 that he stopped referring to Philly and St. Louis "expansion teams".

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